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laser saw blade

Model No.︰YY-DLS0
Brand Name︰YOYI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Product Description
Main feature : designed for general purpose cutting of bricks,block,slate,

                                 stone,concrete,concrete pile with superior efficiency

size:  300mm,350mm,400mm,450mm,500mm,550mm,600mm
Item no,                   Diameter       Segment width     Arbor size        Segment Height
YY-DLS2-300               300mm       2.8/3.2mm      25.4/20                     7/10
YY-DLS2-350               350mm       2.8/3.2mm      25.4/20                     7/10
YY-DLS2-400             200mm         3.2mm              25.4/20                   7/10
YY-DLS2-450              450mm        3.6mm              25.4/20                   7/10
YY-DLS2-500              500mm        3.6mm            25.4/20                     7/10
YY-DLS2-550               550mm       3.6mm             25.4/20                    7/10
YY-DLS2-600               600mm       4.5mm            25.4/20                     7/10

packing:   inner: blister+color paper, or color paper box
                  outer: export carton

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